9 Ways To Improve Egg Quality

Improve Egg Quality

It’s crushing to find out that you have low Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) or Diminished Ovarian Reserve (DOR).

Maybe you’ve even been told that you have old eggs or that you only have a 5% chance of getting pregnant.  These words can stay with you. They can rattle around in your head like a stuck record player. 

It can make you feel like you’re a walking time bomb about to hit menopause.

Instead, fill your heart with hope and your head with solutions.

You Have The Power To Change The Quality Of Your Eggs

Get clear on The Facts About Egg Quality and then read the solutions below on how to improve your egg quality.

  1. Avoid BPA 

BPA is a chemical found in hard plastic, plastic bottles, food tins and receipts because it is a xenoestrogen and acts like oestrogen binding to oestrogen receptors.

  1. Avoid Parabens 

Parabens are used in most cosmetics because they are another xenoestrogen, mimic oestrogen and disrupt hormones. Find organic chemical free cosmetics instead.

  1. Avoid Phthalates 

Phthalates are chemicals used in soft plastic, food packaging, liquid hand soap, air fresheners, perfume and nail varnish. They are an endocrine disrupter and create oxidative stress leading to egg and sperm damage.

  1. Avoid Heavy Metals 

Heavy metals are found in the ground, unfiltered water, some paint and large fish like tuna, swordfish and shark.  Take your shoes off at the front door, drink filtered water and eat wild salmon and small oily fish.

  1. Improve Sleep

Dim the lights and ditch the tech around 9pm because this is when your melatonin (sleep hormone) rises and is the best time to start winding down for the day to get a rejuvenating sleep. Melatonin is a powerful natural antioxidant that helps repair cells from oxidative stress and can help to improve egg quality.

  1. Fertilebiotic Food Plan 

Eat organic food to reduce chemicals, herbicides, pesticides that affect the reproductive system, hormones and the immune system. Cut out food that can cause oxidative stress, such as processed food and alcohol.

  1. Take Co-Enzyme Q10

Research shows that CoQ10 gives mitochondria more energy. Mitochondria are like a battery in your egg cell that helps to create and sort chromosomes during the final stages of egg maturation. When mitochondria have more energy they can perform and sort chromosomes better, causing less chromosomal abnormalities and healthier eggs.

  1. Supplements

Taking a good quality vitamin and mineral supplement is essential for egg health. Make sure it contains folate and a full range of vitamins and minerals.  In addition, taking fish oil and getting enough omega 3 is also important. 

  1. Blood Flow And Nutrients To Ovaries

Increase blood flow to your ovaries with Acupressure For Fertility. Studies show that more blood flow to your ovaries brings more nutrients to your eggs and can help with improving egg quality.

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