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A specific plan tailored to you. The Membership identifies your Fertility Blockers that are stopping you from getting pregnant and puts an individual plan in place.

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Content, skills and habits you need for your fertility challenge. Membership makes available food, stress, acupressure, meditation, exercise, relationship and mindset training. Including the Q&A library, masterclasses and interviews with fertility experts.

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What Makes The Plan Yourself Pregnant Membership Different From Other Online Courses and Programmes?

Get Pregnant

Unlike other online courses or programmes that teach you the basics in a few weeks and then leave you to implement on your own, this Membership is for 6 months. It takes 3 months for your hormones, eggs and partner’s sperm to changes. You'll have 6 months of support to help you dial in new habits and allow your body time to change.

Stay Pregnant

When you get pregnant, you have a different set of challenges. To stay pregnant, to make a healthy baby and to give birth with confidence. Being in the Membership will set you up right to transition into pregnancy and motherhood feeling prepared and healthy.


You don’t have to purchase any additional courses because everything is in one place in the Membership. You get instant and direct access to Rachel, who will help you to take the next step to improve your fertility and customise content to your specific needs.

The Plan Yourself Pregnant Proven System

Improving your fertility is not just about eating more kale. You need to take specific steps. It is not a magic pill, it’s a set of logical steps that in combination change your hormones, cycle, eggs, sperm and mindset.

From Get Pregnant > To Healthy Baby!

Over the next 6 months, you’ll get your plan to get pregnant, the Plan Yourself Pregnant step-by-step system and support to implement your plan.

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Each Month You Get:

I had low ovarian reserve, 3 round of failed IVF and was told by 2 different doctors that I had a 0% chance of getting pregnant. I worked with Rachel and the impossible happened, I fell pregnant naturally!


I had 2 miscarriages and stopped trusting my body. Rachel helped to get my cycles back on track, balance my hormones and improve my egg quality. I got pregnant naturally and gave birth to a healthy baby boy. My little boy wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Rachel.


My ovarian reserve was low, I was worried about my age and I'd had a previous miscarriage. I worked with Rachel to improve my egg quality and stay calm. I didn't have many follicles, but it didn't matter because all you need is one good egg. Rachel helped me to get pregnant first time.


Your Questions Answered

Will it work for me?

I can’t promise that you’ll get pregnant, but I can promise that if you take the steps in the Plan Yourself Pregnant system, then you’ll improve your fertility. I have helped women with low ovarian reserve, women in their 40s, women with endometriosis, fibroids and PCOS to get pregnant. I’ve even helped a woman who was told she had 0% chance of getting pregnant to go onto have a healthy baby girl.

Why is the membership for 6 months?

The Membership is for 6 months to give your body enough time to change, to get pregnant and to make a healthy baby.

How much time will the membership take each week?

The weekly training session will take 1 hour.

Can my partner do it too and improve his sperm quality?

Your partner can watch the library of content and learn how to improve his sperm quality, mindset and fertility. Your partner can come to the 1-1 session and the live group coaching is just for women.

Who Is Rachel Bolton?

Hi, I’m Rachel and my mission is to empower you to become more fertile, get pregnant and have a healthy baby. Your body is amazing and with the right steps you can change your hormones, egg quality and womb lining to become more fertile.

My clients are inspiring! They are doing the impossible, getting pregnant and having healthy babies, even when doctors have told them that there’s a 0% chance.

The reason I've helped so many women get pregnant is because I have developed a unique signature system. It is the combination of over 20 years experience in: fertility coaching, gynaecology, nutrition, stress management, mindset, Chinese medicine, acupuncture, meditation, massage, tai chi and yoga.

I have two degrees in science, I've travelled the world to work with the best mentors and I'm currently taking a transformational leadership course.

I understands what it's like to want a baby more than anything else in the world and to know how hard it is to go it alone. 

My mission is to help you feel whole, happy and confident as you prepare to make your baby and get prengant.

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