Fertility Virtual Retreat

Next Retreat Spring 2020

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The Previous Retreat Included:

  • A whole day of self-care to ditch the January blues and festive stress.
  • Detox and de-stress to get back on track and boost your fertility.
  • Transform anxiety, fear and guilt into excitement, confidence and hope.
  • Create a clear and beautiful baby vision for 2020.
  • Get preparation 1 week before, support during the retreat and aftercare 1 week  after the retreat.
  • Make changes with a heart-centered community and mentor.


You’ll get meditations to help you:

Let go of guilt, shame and regret to heal your past.

Transform fear, worry and anxiety to make space for more joy and contentment.

Switch off your stress response, increase endorphins and balance your hormones.


You’ll get fertility boosting exercises to help you:

Energise and invigorate your body.

Release emotions that are physically stuck in your body.

Increase blood flow to your reproductive organs.


You’ll get mindset tools to help you:

Breakthrough limiting beliefs and transform your mindset.

Talk to yourself like you would your best friend.

Create a powerful vision and connect to your future baby.


You’ll get a detox plan to help you:

Learn how to detox in a fun and safe way for your fertility.

Detox with preparation guidance, recipes and aftercare support.

Eat in a mindful way that helps you to absorb more nutrients.

Your Questions Answered

Can I still come if I’ve never done a retreat before?

Yes, you can come. Zero experience is necessary. You’ll get all the guidance, learning and support to give you a truly transformational experience.

Where will the retreat be held?

In the comfort of your own home. No travel, no accommodation and no extra cost, just join via the web through any device.

Can my partner attend too?

Yes, your partner can come along too and you can do this together.

Will other people on the retreat be able to see me?

No, the other people on the retreat will not be able to see you unless you want them to, there will be live video and content from Rachel.

Will I be able to ask questions and will it be interactive?

Yes, you can ask questions ahead of time to get prepared over email, Facebook, messenger or in the retreat portal.

During the retreat, you’ll be able to ask questions live in the interactive chat box that only Rachel will see.

After the retreat, there will be support where you can ask questions.

About Rachel Bolton

(BSc Hons, Lic. Ac., Lic. Tui Na)

Rachel Bolton is a fertility expert, international speaker and founder of Plan Yourself Pregnant. She specialises in helping couples uncover the reasons why they are not pregnant and give them clear, practical steps to improve their fertility. Her mission is to empower couples to become fertile, transform stress and focus on the joy of making a baby.