How To Detox For Fertility

detox for fertility

If you want to detox to improve your fertility, but you’re not sure how, then we’ve got you covered. Read on to get some key  tips on detoxing.

Why Detox For Fertility?

It’s easy for the body to get overloaded and then stop working optimally. Here are some of the reason why that happens:

  • Eating too many processed foods, fats and protein can make the body acidic and lead to a build-up of chemicals and mucus.
  • Environmental toxins can also build up within the body.
  • The liver can get overloaded by excess toxins and this can stop it from working optimally. When the liver becomes overwhelmed it stops processing excess hormones, such as oestrogen.
  • Overeating means that the digestive system has to work harder.
  • Our natural rhythm is to have times of fasting where we eat less and eat simpler cleansing food, like vegetables and soups. And then to feast where we eat more building food, like fats and proteins. The problem is that we tend to focus too much on building food and not balance it out with enough cleansing food.

Benefits Of Detoxing For Fertility

If you detox or cleanse, then you could increase your health and your fertility in many ways:

  • Balance your hormones.
  • Optimise your liver and kidneys to perform better.
  • Give your digestive system a chance to rest, strengthen and heal.
  • Avoid chromosomal abnormality in your eggs.
  • Get better quality eggs and sperm.
  • Improve the lining of womb.
  • Lose weight.
  • Get more energy.
  • Have better quality sleep.
  • More concentration.
  • Better mood, less anxiety.
  • Have healthier skin and hair.
  • Reset your body.
  • Improve conditions like endometriosis, fibroids, cysts and PCOS.
  • Avoid chronic illnesses like cancer, diabetes, heart disease and strokes.

Why Is It Challenging To Detox?

It can be hard to detox because you can feel like you’re missing out or being deprived of food and drink that you like.
If you’re the only one doing it, then it makes it especially hard. You go to work and get offered a box of biscuits, go out with friends and they are all having a glass of wine or go home and your partner is eating dessert.

Just using willpower alone is ok first thing in the morning, but after a busy day, it’s easy to come home tired and fall off the detox train.

When you stop caffeine, alcohol, white carbs and sugar you can also suffer side effects.

If you detox too quickly or if you have a lot of toxins to clear, then you might experience side-effects like these:

  • Headache.
  • Aching muscles.
  • Irritability.
  • Tired.
  • Change to bowel movements.
  • Cold.

Tips To Make Your Detox Easier

  • Don’t try to go it alone – it’s much harder making a big change by yourself.
  • Do it with a community, so that you’re not alone and you have support during the challenging moments.
  • Find healthy alternatives to favourite food that you’re cutting out.
  • Rewire your brain, so that you don’t feel like you’re missing out or being deprived.
  • Get an expert to advise you on what type of detox is best for your body type and will improve your fertility quickest.

Types Of Detoxes

There are lots of ways to detox in preparation for pregnancy. But what is the right kind of detox for fertility?

Gentle Detox

The most gentle way is to start slowly reducing or cutting out certain food and drink, like alcohol coffee, sugar, white carbs, trans fats and processed food.

The benefit of this kind of detox is that you can slowly take food out of your diet and replace it with nutrient-dense vegetables, fruit, fish, meat, legumes, nuts and seeds.

The problem with this way of detoxing is that it can take longer and toxins can remain stored in the body.

Extreme Detox

The most extreme ways to detox are to do a dry fast, where you don’t eat or drink anything. There’s also a water-based fast, where you just drink water and intermittent fasting – where you only eat between limited hours of the day.

The benefit of these detoxes is that toxins get drawn out of the body quicker and stem cells get produced to help heal the body.

The problem with these detoxes is that they can be too extreme, particularly for some body types or conditions, and they deplete nutrients.

What Detox Is Right For Fertility?

Depending on your body type and fertility blockers you could do a:

  • Liquid detox with juice, smoothies and soup.
  • Steamed vegetable detox.
  • Whole grain detox.
  • Micro-algae detox.

Fertility Detox Tips

  • Have three meals a day to balance your hormones and not become nutrient deficient.
  • Eat smaller portions to give your digestive system a chance to rest.
  • Do activities to help optimise your liver, increase circulation and eliminate the toxins faster.

Fertility Detox Inspiration

Challenges with detoxing include going it alone, not knowing what is right for your body, not having time to figure out new recipes, getting it wrong, falling off the detox wagon or getting the detox flu.

These are real concerns so if you’re not sure or need more support then help is on its way.

The Plan Yourself Pregnant Membership has a detox module included and Members have been going through each step slowly, cutting out certain food, rewiring their brain to stop cravings, finding healthy alternatives and doing activities to help optimise their liver, improve circulation and eliminate toxins.

We know how busy our members are and so we made it super simple and convenient for them with a daily menu and detox food plan. It has recipes for each day of the month to show how to detox differently at each stage of the cycle to optimise the detox and improve fertility.

The Results Are Positive

In just a couple of week members reported the following changes:

  • More energy, a clearer head and more concentration.
  • No breast pain, PMT, irritability or period pain.
  • Ovulating on time.
  • Stopped craving sugar and happily walking into a cafe and not being tempted by the sugary treats.
  • Able to go out socially when everyone else is drinking, have a good time and not miss alcohol.

If you want help with detoxing for fertility, then reach out with the word DETOX.

Warmest wishes,
Rachel xx
Rachel Bolton Lic. Ac., Lic. Tui Na. I help women get pregnant and have healthy babies, even when they've been told they have a 0% chance. Whenever you're are 4 ways I can help you. 1. Join the free Fertility Heroes Facebook group. In our private Facebook group you'll get fertility tips, research and inspiration. Only the women in the group will know you've joined and see your posts. 2. Hang out in Clubhouse in the Fertility Club and the Fertile Mindset Club for fertility strategies, support and community. 3.  Apply for a free Fertility Analysis Session to work out what is missing from your fertility puzzle and what to do about it. 4. Join the Plan Yourself Pregnant Membership. Get customised support to work out why you're not pregnant and get your personal plan to optimise your fertility, balance your hormones, improve your womb lining and increase your egg quality.


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