[Inspiration Inside] You Can Do This!

inspiration to get pregnant

Every day for the past two weeks I’ve woken up to messages from clients telling me about their positive pregnancy tests, scans of healthy babies and pictures of blossoming bellies. Hearing that they’re pregnant against all the odds fills my heart with so much joy!

These messages came from women who were about to give up.

  • A woman who had suffered several miscarriages.
  • A woman who was told she was in peri-menopause and had started looking into fostering kids.
  • A woman who had 3 failed rounds of IVF and didn’t have the money to pay for another round.
  • A woman whose cycle was so long, she wasn’t sure when she was ovulating or when she should be having sex to get pregnant.
  • A woman who had diminished ovarian reserve and was told she should use donor eggs.
  • A woman who had tried Clomid and IUI, which had both failed.

These women have been through it all. They have gone to the brink of despair and felt like giving up.

But they kept going. They kept trying. And then when we met, they followed their plan to get pregnant and everything changed.

It wasn’t baby dust, luck or a miracle that helped them to get pregnant. It was consistently taking the right steps for their body to get everything lined up perfectly.

Imagine not doubting yourself.

Imagine not using hope as a strategy. What it would be like to follow a plan where you could see your fertility signs and symptoms improve each month? Imagine feeling confident that you’re on the right path and moving in the right direction. And create a vision for yourself of the day that you see your 2 lines appear, the first scan, the sound of your baby’s heartbeat and the day you hold your baby in your arms.

So next time you feel like giving up, then hear me whisper in your ear:

“You can do it. It might feel hard and even impossible right now, but you’ve got this. I believe in you.”

It’s not baby dust. It’s a set of logic steps.

I’ve dedicated my life to working out a system to help women get pregnant against all the odds. I remember when I wanted a baby more than anything else in the world and when it happened – everything changed. I want that for you too.

Warmest wishes,
Rachel xx
Rachel Bolton Lic. Ac., Lic. Tui Na. I help women get pregnant and have healthy babies, even when they've been told they have a 0% chance. Whenever you're ready...here are 4 ways I can help you. 1. Join the free Fertility Heroes Facebook group. In our private Facebook group you'll get fertility tips, research and inspiration. Only the women in the group will know you've joined and see your posts. 2. Hang out in Clubhouse in the Fertility Club and the Fertile Mindset Club for fertility strategies, support and community. 3.  Apply for a free Fertility Analysis Session to work out what is missing from your fertility puzzle and what to do about it. 4. Join the Plan Yourself Pregnant Membership. Get customised support to work out why you're not pregnant and get your personal plan to optimise your fertility, balance your hormones, improve your womb lining and increase your egg quality.
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