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Acupressure For Egg Quality Challenge

Get 5 easy-to-implement 3-minute videos that improve blood flow to the ovaries and promote better egg cell development.

This challenge will help you:

  • Improve blood flow to the ovaries.
  • Optimise nutrients to the follicles.  
  • Promote better egg cell development. 
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Fertility Food Challenge

In this 5-Day Challenge, you will learn 5 key principals of the Fertilebiotic Food Plan and get 5 recipes to improve your fertility and make yourself.

The Fertilebiotic Food Plan is a unique way of eating that will help you to improve your hormones, egg quality and womb lining. It is about eating right for you and your body type because the same food is not right for everyone.

The Fertilebiotic Food Plan maps out how to eat differently according to where you are in your cycle to improve your fertility. And it’s about enjoying food and eating for your future baby, without feeling restricted or like you’re missing out. 

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5x 3 Minute Video Series

Get 5 easy-to-learn stress-busting tools to reduce stress hormones, feel relaxed and more energised.

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5 Strategies To Plan Yourself Pregnant

eBook (pdf)

Discover the 5 key strategies to plan yourself pregnant

Find out if you’re doing something that could be harming your fertility in the Plan Yourself Pregnant Quiz

Learn the steps you need to take to improve your fertility and plan yourself pregnant

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1 Week Plan

3x 30-Minute Video Series

Get clear on what is stopping you from getting pregnant, the steps to improve your fertility and which order to take them

Identify your stress triggers and learn a technique to immediately switch off your stress response and feel relaxed.

Identify your Fertility Blockers, create action steps and customise your plan to get pregnant.

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Fertility Food Friday

YouTube Playlist

Fertilebiotic recipes, ingredients, tips and advice.


Video Library

All the videos from The YouTube Channel

Fertility help and information, challenges, webinars, food and more.