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Do You Have A Conceivable Cycle?

Conceivable Cycle

What is a Conceivable Cycle? And do you have one? The first step to discovering this is to take your body basal temperature (BBT) and note it down on a chart. Most people take their temperature as a way to see when they ovulate, but did you know that your BBT chart shows way more […]

Bet You’d Never Think To Celebrate Your Period

Perfect Period

You feel like you’ve been doing everything right. Exercise, food, early nights and timing the baby dance through your fertility window. You’re two days late and you convince yourself that you’re pregnant… then you get your period. You feel a black cloud descends, as you retreat from the world for a day or two to […]

Project Baby

Trying to get pregnant is not like any other project you’ve done before. Normally when you have a problem you jump on Google, you research it, you ask your friends and you figure it out.  You work out the pros and cons. You invest time, energy and resources into making it happen and you succeed!  […]

Praise What You Want

One of the biggest challenges that I hear time and time again is the struggle of being around other pregnant women. You want to be happy for them, but the bigger thought that comes up is: ‘Why not me?’ and ‘When is it my turn?’ It’s painful to hear another pregnancy announcement. It’s agony to […]

Hope And A Strategy

You’re amazing! I mean it. I see the courage that you have to keep trying for your baby. The strength that you showed over Christmas hitting another milestone without being pregnant. And the determination that you have to do almost anything to bring your baby home. I want to acknowledge you for every step that […]

Two Giant Pigs And Two Magic Lines

I like to play a game after Christmas. It goes like this. What was your best Christmas present? What was your worst Christmas present? And what was your strangest Christmas present? Mine were: Strangest – Two giant blow up pigs Worst – getting sick. Best – One of my clients finding out she was pregnant […]