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[Inspiration Inside] You Can Do This!

inspiration to get pregnant

Every day for the past two weeks I’ve woken up to messages from clients telling me about their positive pregnancy tests, scans of healthy babies and pictures of blossoming bellies. Hearing that they’re pregnant against all the odds fills my heart with so much joy! These messages came from women who were about to give […]

The Facts About Egg Quality

Egg Quality

Improving egg quality is vital if you’ve been struggling to get pregnant and: You’re over 35. Your cycle is getting shorter. You’ve got low AMH. You have Diminished Ovarian Reserve (DOR). You’ve had unsuccessful IVF. Egg Quality Facts Women under 35 have up to a quarter of eggs with chromosomal abnormalities. Women over 40 can […]


After my miscarriage, I felt empty. I felt like I needed to fill that void right away. We started trying again right when my regular cycle came back, and was expecting it to work right away like last time. Month after month I kept feeling disappointed. There were even times that I would break down […]


Libby was told by two doctors that she had a 0% chance of getting pregnant. She tried to get pregnant naturally, but had low ovarian reserve. She tried IVF but didn’t produce enough follicles. She tried donor eggs, but her body responded badly to the drugs. Her last chance was to try naturally again. Find […]


Heather had two tragic miscarriages and stopped trusting her body. When she was ready to try for a baby again, she couldn’t get pregnant. She didn’t know why she’d lost her babies and she didn’t know why she wasn’t getting pregnant. Heather worked with Rachel to get mentally and physically strong. She regulated her cycle, […]