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How To Stop Feeling So Jealous Of Pregnant Women


What if you could stop feeling so jealous of pregnant women? How would things be different for you and in your relationships? It’s natural to feel jealous of pregnant women when you want a baby and it’s not happening. I remember feeling like I was the only one without a baby. At work I was […]

Do You Have A Conceivable Cycle?

Conceivable Cycle

What is a Conceivable Cycle? And do you have one? The first step to discovering this is to take your body basal temperature (BBT) and note it down on a chart. Most people take their temperature as a way to see when they ovulate, but did you know that your BBT chart shows way more […]

How To Avoid Fertility Stress And Burnout

fertility stress

Are you aware of how many stressors affect you every day? Do you know how to complete a stress cycle and avoid burnout? Stress is one of the key factors that stop women from getting pregnant. Stress hormones affect sex hormones, throw your cycles out and are the precursor to so many conditions. Unless you […]

7 Holiday Survival Strategies

Christmas fertility

Are you excited about Christmas, or not in the mood to celebrate at all?  Whatever camp you’re in – this time of year can be triggering. Here are 7 holiday survival strategies to help you thrive this year: 1. Go With The Flow Normally, you’re the one that makes a lot of effort at Christmas. You travel […]

How To Feel Happy At The End Of The Year Even When You’re Not Pregnant

fertility gratitude

Today you’ll learn some tools that’ll guarantee you a slice of happiness, no matter what is going on your life. This year the world became a different place and all the dreams that you had might have taken a back seat as you had to navigate a brand new reality. It’s been like living in […]


After my miscarriage, I felt empty. I felt like I needed to fill that void right away. We started trying again right when my regular cycle came back, and was expecting it to work right away like last time. Month after month I kept feeling disappointed. There were even times that I would break down […]

Fertility Tips From A Doctor

I spent yesterday doing an interview for the Plan Yourself Pregnant Membership. I spoke to a GP medical doctor about fertility and it was fascinating to hear her tips and see how many things we share in common. I want to share some of these with you. She talked about fertility tests and infertility conditions, […]

Invest In Desire And Detach From The Outcome

A way to stay sane whilst you’re trying to get pregnant is to invest in desire and detach from the outcome. When you’re trying naturally, then invest in the desire by being motivated to take steps to improve your fertility, diet, exercise, relationship or sex life. And then as you approach day 26, speak to […]

How To Handle The Baby Question

With Thanksgiving and Christmas nearly here you might be filled with excitement and festive cheer. Or you might be dreading it because you remember what happened last year. That awkward conversation with Aunt Judy when she asked ‘when are you going to start a family?’ And the way she kept making comments like ‘You’d better […]

It’s Not Western Versus Natural

It doesn’t have to be a fight. There is a different solution. You might be trying lots of different natural medicine to try to get pregnant, but your partner thinks it’s a waste of money. He might place all his trust in Western medicine and not see the point of eating organic, taking herbs, having […]

Send This To Your Man

I got a great question from one of my readers. She said ‘It seems that women do so much and men do not realise they have equal contributions to the process. How do I speak with my husband about these things without adding to the existing stress of trying to conceive?’. This awesome reader has a very […]

Why Stress Could Be Stopping You From Getting Pregnant And What To Do About It

Trying To Get Pregnant Is Stressful Don’t underestimate the stress that trying for a baby can create. Research shows that trying for a baby for more than a year, is as stressful as having a terminal disease like cancer 1. The Longer It Takes You To Get Pregnant, The More Stressful It Becomes When you […]