How To Celebrate Your Period Even When You’re TTC

A Perfect Period

When you’re trying to get pregnant it’s counterintuitive to celebrate getting your period, but there is a way! If you learn to understand and optimise your period, then it helps to motivate you to keep going and to get pregnant faster.

Normally, when you’re trying for a baby the last thing you want to see is your period because it means you’re not pregnant.

That moment you go to the toilet and get confirmation that you’re right back to square one again and all the hope that ‘this might be the month’ vanishes.

Getting your period can make you feel disappointed, sad and frustrated. There are some months when it can make you feel depressed and send you into a pit of despair because it feels like you’ll never get pregnant.

The Typical Period

A typical period is likely to be painful, with clots and spotting before or after. There might be other unpleasant symptoms, like headaches, low energy and irritability. Digestion can be affected with bloated, loose stools or constipation.

You don’t feel like doing anything apart from curling up with a hot water bottle and eating chocolate. The only person you want to see is your partner and then you’re horrid to him and get irritable because he hasn’t done something simple like the washing up. It can feel like you turn into a different person and that your life is put on hold for a few days.

The Shame Of Having A Period

Menstruating women have, for millennia, always been seen in a bad light. For example, it used to be thought that a woman on her period could turn meat and milk rotten. Having a period was referred to as “the curse”.

In the 1970’s Germaine Greer famously acknowledged that women go to the toilet with their whole bag instead of just taking a tampon or sanitary towel in their hand. She was pointing out that women disguise their period and anything to do with it. On the most part, this still happens today.

How To Celebrate Your Period

So, let’s get this straight. Your period is a key fertility sign and something to be celebrated. It shows that you still have the potential to get pregnant. And when you have a Perfect Period it is a sign that your womb lining and hormones are ready for implantation to happen and pregnancy to thrive.

Perfect Period Checklist

  • Womb lining of at least 8mm.
  • Bleeding for 4-5 days.
  • No pain.
  • No clots
  • Bright red blood.
  • Clear start and end.
  • No spotting.
  • No PMS.
  • No sore breasts.
  • No headaches.
  • Stable mood.
  • No breakouts of acne.
  • No cravings for sweet food.
  • Good energy.
  • Healthy digestion.
  • Undisturbed sleep.

When I work with clients we do a Fertility Check each month to rate their period signs and symptoms. We can then clearly see what to change, what action to take and what to improve to become more fertile.

Be A Fertility Detective

Be your own fertility detective, get in tune with your fertile signs and symptoms.

Get in touch if you want help with the next step to get your Perfect Period, get fertile and get pregnant faster.

Warmest wishes,
Rachel xx
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